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  • Abrasion-resistant fabric for cycling

    Abrasion resistan fabric for cycling



    "Impact" brand represents a breakthrough for the entire textile sector, thanks to the production of an abrasion-resistant fabric for technical cycling, resistant to shocks and abrasions, a warranty for those who practice outdoor sports.

    Impact is an innovative fabric made with DYNEEMA fibres, able to minimize skin injuries caused by falls on the asphalt. Sitip provides an abrasion-resistant fabric able to combine comfort and durability, ideal for the production of garments that are resistant to damage when in contact with the ground and that are able to protect the skin.

    The creation of this range of abrasion-resistant fabric for cycling is a force for the company, which was able to further differentiate its offering on the market. The excellent performance, resistance, and quality allows for the creation of sports garments that supports athletes in every situation.

    Many manufacturers rely on Impact, which has become over the years a popular abrasion-resistant fabric for cycling, thanks to its technical characteristics and quality.


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