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    Blizzard is an innovative thermal and bi stretch fabric made by Sitip for sportswear. These bi-elastic thermal fabrics are the result of research to offer athletes, end users, a unique sports experience, especially during the cold season. Thanks to its qualities, Blizzard Sitip is perfect for winter cyclist's clothing, which make this product a way to never give a sport up.

    Every athlete understands the importance of clothing's breathability. The Sitip team therefore studied fabric composition to ensure high breathability and constant thermal comfort at the same time. Clothes made with Blizzard wrap athletes' bodies, accompanying them during sports in every climatic circumstance and helping muscle performance.

    The high quality of the tissue with which the fabric is made, means that the fabric's technical characteristics remain constant even after prolonged wear and numerous washes. The quality tests performed by Sitip technicians also allow Blizzard clothing to keep a perfect shape. Easy maintenance sportswear made with Blizzard bi stretch fabric, has made it a one of a kind product, chosen by top brands to make resistant clothing.

    The thermal bi stretch fabrics made by Sitip are guaranteed to be highly resistant to abrasion and pilling. Even during the most daring performances trousers and tops remain perfect. Blizzard is available in many different colours, from bright red to different hues of blue, passing through shades of grey; whatever the tint, colours remain bright and perfect for a high quality final product. Further information about test results on colour fastness and this bi stretch fabric, can be requested from the contact form on Sitip's website.


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