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  • Bodywear and UV resistant fabric: Eclipse

    Eclipse by Sitip: the bodywear fabric


    Made with cutting-edge technology, this UV resistant fabric is a product designed by Sitip technicians for athletes who need a sunscreen during training and racing. Protection from the sun's harmful rays is important to ensure the skin's health, and therefore not impair sports performance. This bodywear fabric is perfectly suited for use as classic sportswear as well as in the creation of swimwear. Indeed, it was created to meet the needs of solar protection, while also being long-lasting. There are two are certain factors that make Eclipse a vital shield of sun rays:
    • the structure of the yarn ensures a high opacity, eliminating any transparency that could lead to sunburns.
    • rapid drying, because wet fabric has a lower shielding compared to a dry one.

    This UV resistant fabric as well as acting as a sun shield, is also extremely soft and cool to the touch, making it the perfect choice for sportswear for use during hot and sultry months.

    Sitip ensures long life of garments made with Eclipse because Creora Spandex is used during processing. This is the top of the range elastic fibre, offering top performance.

    Eclipse, like a proper eclipse can completely shield the light of the sun, protecting the body from harmful UV rays. The fibres were studied to make the fabric perfectly opaque. Compared to classic polyester, this fabric is 15% more opaque, making seeing through the fabric virtually impossible. Tests carried out by technicians have shown that protection from UV rays is superior to normal fabrics by 12%. This is an important fact in the sector.

    The qualities of this UV resistant fabric do not end, it is indeed softer than other products available in the market, thus guarantees unparalleled comfort.

    Lastly, but worthy of mention, it is fast drying, essential for maintaining high protection from UV rays and to have a fabric performance of 10.


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