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    Microsense by Sitip: micro fiber fabric


    Micro fibre fabric, comfortable fabric. Microsense is a highly comfortable, breathable micro fiber fabric in which refined appearance is combined with a delicate softness and elegant fluidity.

    Numerous studies on the fibres that make up the fabric, have permitted Sitip technicians to obtain a perfect and inimitable product from every aspect. This breathable fabric is used to make luxury garments, where it is important to ensure high breathability and lightness in contact with the skin. Top high-fashion brands choose Microsense for their products. Their clothes are a real pleasure to wear because of their extreme comfort.

    Microsense is also used by major brands specialised in swimwear and beachwear. Swimsuits made from this micro fiber fabric are in fact easy to wash, and time after time, they remain perfect thanks to our innovation department's choice of fibres.
    Microfibre manufactured by Sitip is made with Creora Spandex, a particular fibre with a high resistance of shape and a remarkable resistance to chlorine, both characteristics of a good product. The resistance to the abrasive action of chlorine makes Microsense a product of excellence, and chosen by leading brands.

    Any brand interested in offering its customers unique products chooses this fabric, a revolution of the senses because:
    • has a high softness
    • guarantees extreme comfort to wear
    • elegant for making high-class clothing
    • easy maintenance

    Sports clothing or lingerie made with Microsense will be unique and elegant. Colours will always be brilliant and perfect regardless which one you choose from those available in the colour charts.
    More information about the technical features of this breathable micro fiber fabric is available upon request, by contacting our staff through the contact form on the website.


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