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    Car upholstery fabric

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    Car upholstery fabric by Sitip come from research within the textile industry and represent the development of a wide range of compound textile products using the most appropriate fibres and fabrics for complying with the high qualitative standards required in car interiors. Designing and producing car upholstery fabric requires adhering to a series of specific characteristics that meet the standards imposed by law. It is not merely an aesthetic question, but a far higher priority regarding the safety of the vehicle. The regulatory priorities concern:
    • resistance to abrasion
    • light fastness
    • fire resistance
    • elasticity
    • toughness

    Sitip takes these elements to heart, and they are subject to continuous research activities within the company in order to develop quality car interiors. Continued research on car interiors has always played an important part for Sitip. For this reason, they obtained UNI ES ISO 9001:2008 certification.

    The company's product range covers every use of car interior fabrics, and responds to the increasing need of customer customisation. This, in turn, provides Sitip with market demands. Fabrics for car interiors are mainly aimed at the following uses:
    • Top roof
    • Pavilions
    • Door panels
    • Struts
    • Headrest covers
    • Sun Shades
    • Dashboard
    • Trunk covers in estate cars
    • Overhead compartments
    • Cladding

    These are all uses that require particular studies into industry requirements regarding the composition of fabric used. Contact us for more information about car upholstery fabric.

    All this because SITIP is ... following speed over time.