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  • Cycling crotch liner fabric

    cycling croth liner fabric


    Sitip, an Italian fabric company acclaimed worldwide, presents "Victory", a cycling crotch liner fabric.

    The fabric, with elastic structure and damage resistance, is ideal for creating both bottoms for professional cyclists (who choose a product that can adequately support them in their performances) and for recreational cyclists, who are looking for a comfortable product for outdoor activities.

    The quality of the material used for the production of this cycling crotch liner fabric ensures a long-lasting colour that will not fade even after numerous washes.

    The research carried out by the Sitip team has enabled the creation of an excellent fabric, created with raw materials rigorously Made in Italy. The cycling seat fabric is designed to allow the creation of bottoms that provide constant support to the athlete: quick drying and elasticity are the main features of this fabric; the fabric is also designed to comply with the skin, avoiding irritation.

    Choose Victory cycling crotch liner fabric, one of Sitip’s star products: comfort and quality for the service of performance.


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