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    DPF digital printed fabric is ideal for sublimation printing and printers using water-based ink, solvent, and oil, which guarantees high definition and colour vibrancy.

    Sitip S.p.A. has expanded its range of products thanks to the production of digital printed fabric; what differentiates this fabric is the quality of the final product, thanks to a careful selection of certified safe and perfect materials.

    These types of fabric are suitable for the packaging of any type of product, from sportswear to beachwear up to the most varied areas such as motorcycling, footwear and luggage. Despite the wide range of digitally-printing fabric, for each fabric is guaranteed a stunning attention and an unmatched quality, certified Made in Italy. For Sitip S.p.A., excellence of the Italian textile industry worldwide recognised, quality is always at the top of the production process, to guarantee the best to its customers.

    Printed fabric

    Colour retention is critical for fabric use for digital printing, even after several and frequent washes. Much research been carried out by the specialised team at Sitip has enabled long-lasting colour vibrancy. The company’s UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified quality control system guarantees the quality of the product during all production phases. The digitally-printing fabric collection also includes items that meet international standards related to fireproofness, particularly used in the advertising industry.

    Discover what digital printed fabric has to offer, and get inspired by the extraordinary quality of the products, because Sitip is to communicate without words.

Fabrics for digital printing