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    Fabrics for beachwear

    SITIP is... freedom in water

    Sitip specialises in swimwear fabric and fabric for the manufacture of high-quality swimwear. With years of experience in the textile field, Sitip is able to satisfy even the most demanding customer: the highest quality products made with the best technology in the field. Sitip beachwear fabric is extremely comfortable, available in various colour tones, and guaranteed Made in Italy.

    Not only for water sports competitions, but also for moments of relaxation, it is important to wear the right clothing: comfort, durability and quick drying are hallmarks of this fabric.

    We produce several lines of fabrics for beachwear that allow the creation of various products: a sporty line to a more classic line of swimsuits. The swimwear fabric is made with fibres that allow the piece in question to adapt to the shape of the body; the resistance of the fabrics for beachwear also avoids any risk of overstretching of the item: the long life what gives these products a competitive edge!

    Visit the section dedicated to our brands, and discover, for example, Water Zero Eco (Eco Water Zero links), a water repellent beachwear fabric made entirely from eco-friendly high-quality materials! Entrusted to the lines of swimwear fabric by Sitip, worldwide Italian excellence: we have a wide range of colours in stock service for prompt delivery.

    The Tablets Colours

    • Tommy - Giotto
    • Mango - Papaia
    • Carezza Soft
    • Stardust
    • Viola
    • Cosmopolitan Bonita
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