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  • Comfortable fabrics for cycling

    Comfortable fabrics for cyclicing

    Body Fit

    Sitip Spa proudly presents the Body-Fit brand, a fabric for cycling that allows athletes as much freedom of movement as possible.
    This fabric is ideal for the production of sportswear that does not burden or annoy, rather, it offers the skin a feeling of lightness.
    It is a bi-elastic micro-fibre fabric that perfectly adheres to the body, and thanks to the sharp cut ability allows the packaging of the cloth without seams on the sleeves, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and improved aerodynamics to the athlete; thanks to these features, Body-Fit is the selected fabric used for the pink jersey.

    Body-fit is a lightweight and highly-breathable cycling fabric that ensures rapid drying for maximum comfort and long life.
    Garments made with Body-Fit fabric are both appreciated for cycling competitions and for cycling as a hobby, making it an extremely versatile fabric.

    Body-Fit, Sitip’s fabric for cycling and sportwear, worldwide Italian excellence.


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Comfortable fabrics for cyclicing