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    Thunderbike and Thunderbike Power

    Thunderbike is the fabric for cycling and triathlons made by Sitip for cyclists who seek high performance sportswear. The research of our innovation department has allowed us to create a one of its kind product, used by leading Italian and international athletes.

    This fabric for cycling is made with Creora Spandex, a particular type of elastic fibre made by experimenting on the highest engineering techniques, applied to human body movement. A unique combination of breathability, freedom of movement and lightness, combined with a great muscle support, particularly during physical exertion; the cyclist's pants accompany movement when peddling, as well as in any other movement during the race or in training.

    Thunderbike can be considered a true revolution in the world of cycling: this special fibre allows the athlete to move freely and so allows unique performance.

    The fabrics for cycling and triathlon are enhanced by the high density of the threads contained in each centimetre, making the fabric perfectly compact and ensuring:
    • excellent coverage, to protect the cyclist's skin;
    • high resistance to abrasion and pilling for long-lasting tracksuits;
    • maximum comfort during sports performance.

    These features, combined with the low deformability of the fabric, permit Sitip technicians to offer the guarantee of a long-lasting product, accompanying athletes victory after victory in their sports activities.
    The quality of this fabrics for cycling and triathlon has made leading sportswear brands choose Thunderbike to make their most popular clothes, as requested by the great professionals of the cycling world.
    And if this is not enough, the Power version will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.


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fabrics for cycling and triathlon