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    For the lingerie and underwear sector, Sitip produces synthetic fibre warp-knit stretch fabric. The underwear fabric is created through the use of selected high-quality fibres and are synonymous with comfort and great softness.
    Because of these fibres, the lingerie is physically accomodating, comfortable, stretchy, and breathable, creating a pleasurable experience when being worn.

    Our experience and continuous desire for innovation have allowed the production of underwear fabric to be made with the best fibres available on the market, carefully selected to ensure a final product that is synonymous with comfort and great softness.

    The importance of fabric for lingerie

    Fundamental to fabric intended for underwear is the elasticity and softness: nobody would wear intimate garments made with cheap, uncomfortable material that constrict the body. The quality of the fabric is not limited only to its efficiency in technical terms: our range of products has expanded greatly in order to offer a wide choice of colours and textures. Our lingerie fabric have excellent colour retention, and will not fade even after countless washes.

    Sensitivity to touch is the phrase that best represents products using Sitip underwear fabric, they do not bear discomfort or irritation to the skin and are fully breathable.

    Sitip guarantees UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control and Ecotex certification.

    Quality and innovation are the cornersones for each product, representing excellence in true Italian fashion. The manufacture of stretch lingerie fabric does not fear competition: Sitip will satisfy the needs of the most difficult clients. Discover the full line of Stitip’s underwear fabric, Italian quality quaranteed.

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