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    Sitip has developed over time a number of items specific to the creation of fabric for shoes and helmet fabric, and also for the interior of luggage. All these are produced with the use of high tenacity yarn, such as Cordura® by Dupont. The products also feature hydrophilic and antimicrobial finishes, with Sanitized®. Finally, they are also anti-static, another feature that ensures the highest comfort even in extreme situations. The range of Sitip Spa fabric grows and reaches very specific and technical sectors with special needs:

    Fabrics for shoes, a production that focuses especially on the strength of the fabric, but also on its breathability, essential values for companies that produce shoes. These companies in fact rely on Sitip, which guarantees top Italian quality. During footwear selection, the customer is always very careful to consider several factors sometimes in conflict with each other, including resistance, comfort, and aesthetic. That's why Sitip offers a line of material for shoes that ensures high strength and durability, as well as an aesthetic impact thanks to the full range of colours available. Furthermore, this fabric is also comfortable, ensuring maximum freedom of movement without pain or discomfort.

    Fabrics for helmets, to guarantee comfort while driving; features such as softness and flexibility characterize this fabric, making it the best choice for manufacturing companies. A great fabric will ensure that helmets are also the best choice for the final customer who want safety but also comfort while travelling.

    Coupled fabrics for shoes and helmets: Sitip is... quality at your service.

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