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    Fabrics for water sports

    Acquatic is Sitip’s chlorine-resistant fabrics for water sports, which combines that feature with several strong points such as elasticity and UV protection, all elements that make it a popular competition fabric for water sports.

    Acquatic firstly ensures excellent UV protection (UPF 50+), a key aspect that makes it the best among water sports fabric and, in general, particularly suitable to beachwear. With swimwear made by this fabric, you don't need to further protect your skin against UV rays where it covers you. This is because the textile fibres are selected and arranged in a unique and efficient way, guarranting this important feature over time.

    Acquatic: one of the best fabrics for water sports

    Acquatic, thanks to its particular fabric, also ensures a long duration og elasticity that is very important for competitive fabric, as the high flexibility allows the body to freely move without having any kind of constraint. That's why Sitip’s Acquatic maintains its leadership thanks to its water sports fabric.

    Its particular blend also ensures high breathability, essential for days at the beach, when the heat is excessive and the skin asks to breathe and not to feel constrained by a fabric that retains the sun's heat. Finally, this brand brings together other very important features: quick drying and excellent elasticity, elements that add tothe wearable comfort of this competition fabric for water sports.

    Acquatic has been developed to respond to the need of the partner companies to ensure the highest technical standards expected of chlorine-resistant fabrics for water sports.


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