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    Sitip proudly presents 2Dry, a quick-drying fabric technology for sportswear and beachwear, a perfect combination of comfort and functionality. It is a technological fabric studied in the laboratory by our experts in the textile sector, that quickly allows the clothing made up of that fabric to dry, favouring the expansion and moisture dispersion towards the outside, giving a sensation of pleasant freshness to the body.

    2Dry is a quick-drying fabric that ensures maximum comfort for those who need a sporty cloth or comfortable and stretchy lingerie. The Sitip brand is the result of continued perfection through research and an evolution based on new technological tools, in order to always get the most out of the raw materials at our disposal.


    The positive aspects that a breathable technological fabric gives to the clothing are numerous, such such as the possibility to have a fabric that is high performing, comfortable, and also soft: in fact, the most common uses of 2Dry are for sportswear used for all kinds of sports. The prerogative of a sporty garment is to give the impression of not being there, allowing complete freedom of movement and not hindering athletic gesture; the breathable fabric created by Sitip guarantees all of this, thanks to the use of high quality textile fibres and finishes.

    The 2-Dry fast drying fabrics is also used for the production of fabric for underwear and lingerie. Even here we are referring to the clothes that to the wearer a sense of security and, at the same time, a sense of lightness. In this area Sitip S.p.A. is collaborating with some of the best lingerie manufacturing companies that, basing on a marketing study of customers’ needs, requires all the quality of our breathable and quick-drying fabric in order to always have soft, fragrant and light clothing, even in the most extreme situations.


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