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    Technical gauze fabrics


    Artic is the perfect technical gauze fabric for making sportswear. Sitip has produced this techno fabric to meet the demands of sportswear requiring a warmer fabric, yet still breathable, and can protect from UV rays.

    In its technical weave, Artic contains numerous characteristics suitable for sportswear requirements: its brushed nature comes from a specific operation that is part of the textile's finishing. To produce the technical gauze fabrics you need to lift the textile fibres to make the fabric far softer, giving that hairy and velvety effect that hides the weave and makes the fabric extremely delicate to touch. This property means there is more air captured in the fibres and therefore Artic retains heat better, and so acts as a proper thermal insulator.

    A fabric of this type's potential does not end here: clothing made with Artic are also highly extensible, so as not to impede movement; they maintain shape rather well over time, too; they're soft and warm, yet at the same time breathable; they protect from UV rays, which can be dangerous both at the sea as in the mountains; and differently from numerous technical gauzed fabrics that require special care in conserving, folding and washing, they're easily maintained.

    This brushed fabric designed by Sitip SpA is therefore particularly suitable for sportswear, for all those who are into sports and need specific tools to deal with the most extreme challenges properly. Such as challenges in mountains where athletes face changes in pressure, low temperatures, increased contact with natural elements of rain and earth, ice and snow. Artic in all these situations performs excellently, proving once again it is an ideal travel companion: the best technical gauze fabric!


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