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Giro d'Italia 2016
SITIP runs for victory...


 official supplier giro d'italia 2016

The Pink Jersey’s technical features of the GIRO d’ITALIA 2016 integrate the far-reaching know-how of SITIP S.p.A. as a world-wide leader in the production of inventive, ingenious active-wear fabrics branded “Made in Italy”.

Here are the fabrics:



A ultra-soft and ultra-light polyester microfiber providing high breathability. Designed with a special texture that helps rapid drying. Maximum comfort for the athlete with excellent fit and grip.



BODY-FIT is a four-way stretch microfiber fabric that fits good on your body. it is a clean-cut fabric providing so to the athlet free motion as well as a better aerodynamic featture.
BODY-FIT is a light weight and breathable fabric so as to facilitate a quick dry effect for the best comfort.