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    Sitip presents BeHot, a heat generating fabric, with heat production and temperature control, achieved thanks to BeHot Heat Generation Technology. This was the result of studies and technological developments carried out by Sitip in collaboration with the Japanese company - Ashai Kasei in its laboratories. This heat generating fabric is produced with a precious technical fibre, combining this technology with special textile manufacturing.

    The effects are truly amazing:
    • the thermo-regulator fabric contributes to generate heat greater than 1° C in its elongation phase;
    • in the process of elongation, reducing entropy, BeHot is really able to generate heat;
    • BeHot Heat Generation technology reduces heat loss and maintains body temperature constant during and after exercising.

    These are unique qualities, which have numerous applications, taking into consideration the fact that heat generation varies according to type of material.

    To test these heat generating fabrics' actual heat generation Sitip SpA has set up a laboratory test which consists in:
    1. placing BeHot fabric on the left of a dynamometer and the normal fabric on the right;
    2. observing the respective temperatures on a thermograph after repeated elongations (50%) of the fabric.

    At the end of the test, only the Be-Hot technology showed a substantial difference on the thermography: in fact, during the phase of repeated elongation for one minute, only the Be-Hot fabric showed gradual temperature increases, proving the fabric's warmth. Another positive aspect is the fact that this thermal effect of the fabric persists during and after exercising. This unmistakable feature makes BeHot one of Sitip's most popular fabrics.

    In fact, this test makes it possible to define the product as being thermal fabric providing heat and temperature control. Its applications become numerous: heat generating fabrics can be especially effective for technical sportswear, but also outdoor/mountain clothing, as well as technical clothing/underwear.


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