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    SITIP is... incomparable grip

    Sitip offers hook and loop warp-knits to the market, made with care to ensure each product meets the required quality and durability, for a perfect end result even in the smallest of details. Our warp-knit fabric is studied for all strap closure applications using only the most suitable raw materials, carefully selected and guarantee the Made in Italy.

    Personal Care fabric

    The hook and loop warp-knits fabric guarantees total comfort, a feeling of softness on the skin, and is particularly suitable to be worn for long intervals of time.

    Our experience gained in the textile field has made continuous improvement and constant innovation in the production chain possible, resulting in the production of high-quality fabric. Among these, the velcrabili fabric, synonymous with great resistance, makes it particularly suitable for the personal care industry.

    In the realisation of functional and resistant strap clusure fabric, the fundamental characteristic of the end product, comfort, is not neglected.

    Sitip is able to meet any project, thanks to its UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system, which guarantees the quality of the product during all production phases.

    Discover what Sitip can offer with its velcroable fabric for personal care, quality and innovation at your service.

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