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    S-Loop Generation

    Sitip presents S-Loop Generation, a ling created thanks to a top quality hook and loop fasteners that allows manufacturers to make products that need a durable closure. The Sitip team conducts continuous studies and research in the field for the creation of a highly resistant hook and loop fasteners, which has a higher duration than any other.

    The range of Sitip strap fabric offers several solutions, such as:
    • Aero-Loop, ultra-light fabric for single-use closing systems or limited use;
    • Power-Loop, Strong resistant fabric for mechanical closing systems requiring high performance;
    • Stretch-Loop, sportswear solutions and medical applications;
    • Secure-Loop, Polyester fabric for multi-technical uses;
    • Sensitive-Loop, fabric for excellent comfort.

    S-Loop Generation is available in different models, sizes, and various colours.
    Sitip offers hook and loop fasteners in coloured stock, available in monocrome shades and with an attractive design.

    Since 1970, Sitip offers quality hook and loop fasteners: rely on our experience and expertise for the creation of quality products.


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