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  • Mechanical Fastening Fabrics

    Mechanical fastening fabrics

    SITIP is... incomparable grip

    Sitip proudly presents its complete line of mechanical fastening fabrics, made using the most suitable raw materials that ensures a comfortable and convenient product, while also being durable, preventing any damage due to continuous use.

    Experience and quality that distinguishes Sitip allows the realization of mechanical fastening fabric to suit any Velcro-type fastening, with guaranteed quality and durability.

    All products are made with carefully selected raw materials, strictly Made in Italy, to convey to our fabric as the highest quality, recognised worldwide.

    Sitip is able to meet any project; thanks to our certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality control system, which guarantees the quality of the product during all production phases.

    Sitip is strong without comparison

    Sitip is able to meet any project; its fabric for mechanical closure is perfect for the following applications:
    • personal care
    • abrasive
    • medical
    • footwear
    • clothing
    • electronics
    • packaging
    • toys

    The main characteristic of the fabric is its resistance to damage, or its ability to maintain its technical properties, preserving functionality and performance for a long time.

    Discover the fantastic offer of Sitip mechanical fastening fabrics; quality and excellence always guaranteed.

Mechanical fastening fabrics
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