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    the recycled fabric: Native

    Sitip’s recycled fabric for fitness, yoga, and running represents one of the ways by which the company intends to show its interest in sustainability. The goal they intend to achieve through Ecoknit by Sitip S.p.A is to return to the earth, to progress from a technological stand point, and to reach a product lifecycle with primary emphasis on the environment.


    Native represents these recycled fabrics, a product that has been evaluated and meets the requirements of Standard Global Recycling. Native is made with 99% recycled polyamide and includes itself in numerous applications in the field of sports clothing.

    Foremost, it is a fitness fabric, thanks to the great elasticity of the textile fibres, the top quality materials, and the extreme breathability. In fact, fitness fabrics generally include all these features, to ensure a workout where clothing is not an obstacle to the activity.

    In addition, Native is one of the yoga fabrics chosen by companies who are dedicated to the production of technical equipment designed to facilitate the discipline. In fact, yoga fabric must be particularly flexible in order to follow the movement of the athlete's body; it must be breathable, to ensure the proper oxygenation of the skin and to prevent rapid absorption of perspiration; it should ensure the right resistance, to prevent tearing in the performance of certain poses, a technical movement very frequent in this kind of discipline.

    Finally, it is one of the best performing fabrics for running. In fact, during a race, an athlete needs to wear a breathable and fast-drying cloth, that does not cause discomfort to the skin and that facilitates movement. Native features all of these characteristics, obtaining a high score in this area by companies that require fabric for the course.

    Rely on Sitip recycled fabric for the production of clothing designed to protect the environment.


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