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    My Body

    Sitip’s My Body technical and shapewear fabric combines functionality and aesthetics, for the production of garments that are at the same time beautiful and comfortable. They are particularly suitable for the production of soft lingerie garments and technical sportswear clothing.

    The highly-restraining favours a "shape" form-fitting effect, re-looking, for a perfect, harmonious and sensual silhouette. This technical and shapewear fabric offers the possibility of creating shape-wear garments with breathable, comfortable, modern and feminine lines, and with a "slim” high-fashion form to suit any type of consumer, age, morphology, or need for a new "lifestyle".

    The particular stretch structure of My Body makes this technical and form-fitting fabric particularly valued as capable of giving the body a feeling of total freedom. It is an ergonomic and flexible fabric that does not hinder movement during daily life as well as during sports activities.

    This functional and shapewear fabric enables the creation of garments that enhance curves, that adapts to the body, and that is aesthetically beautiful: the My Body line is available in various colours, from classic black and white to more vibrant colours. The quality of the raw materials used by Sitip for the production of its technical and shaping fabric allows the maintenance of colours over the time, despite numerous uses.

    Discover Sitip’s My Body functional, technical and shapewear fabric: elegance and convenience in a single solution.


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