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    Cosmopolitan: ultra fine fabrics


    Sitip presents a new line of shielding fabric. Cosmopolitan brings together innovative ultra-thin fabrics for underwear, swimwear, sportswear and clothing. These "techno chic" looking fabrics guarantee a series of high-performance and high quality features:
    • excellent yield and colour depth (fabric that "does not fade")
    • excellent coverage
    • high elasticity / body-shaping
    • pilling resistance
    • no curling
    • UV protection (UPF 50+)
    • Sharp cut
    • Breathable
    • high comfort
    • easy maintenance

    The Cosmopolitan line offers a quality product unlike any other on the market. It is available in different colours, Sitip's fabrics palette is constantly updated based on international trends. Each colour is designed to ensure excellent performance and a brightness that lasts even after repeated washings.

    It is not only about the colour's light fastness. This line of shielding fabrics is made with cutting edge technologies that prevent the fabric from curling at the edges when it is cut, to be worked, during the packaging phase of an article of clothing.

    Cosmopolitan is a shielding fabric ideal for manufacturing high quality underwear and swimwear. Thanks to its high elasticity, this fabric is unparalleled. Clothing takes the shape of the body and become extremely comfortable during sports activities, as well as in everyday life. The manufacturing of fabric fibres, designed in every detail, prevents the annoying pilling effect, so typical of low-quality fabrics.

    Chic and techno at the same time, each shielding fabric of this line is suited to every need; the fabric's adaptability to any shape, makes it perfect for clothing. The fabric combines high breathability of fibres and protection from UV rays with a UPF 50+, making clothing made with Cosmopolitan perfect for being worn on hot and sunny days. Additional information on colours and technical data sheets can be requested via the contact form.


    • Beachwear
    • Lingerie
Ultra fine elastic fabrics