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    Sitip S.p.A. manufactures highly technical sportswear fabrics for the active sector, providing to Europe's leading brands. The range of fabrics for sportswear produced by Sitip presents both resin and laminated flat fabric with waterproof membranes that stretch with elastic.

    Sitip uses the most important and high-performance technical fibres on the market to ensure optimal performance for those who want to enjoy their sports in comfort. The company’s UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified quality control system guarantees the quality of the product throughout all production phases.

    Sitip fabric for sports products are ideal for any indoor and outdoor sports activities such as triathlons, fitness, running, yoga, swimming, and cycling.

    Characteristics of Sportwear fabrics

    Thanks to their experience in the textile sector, Sitip S.p.A. is able to provide fabric for sportswear that is perfect in every detail.

    The sportswear fabrics by Sitip is designed with the dynamism of the athletes in mind, in order to ensure light-weight clothing that does not hinder the sport; rather, facilitating the performance.

    The sportswear fabric by Sitip is breathable, preventing damage to the skin and, thanks to its elasticity, does not create any kind of impedition. It is also able to maintain body temperature regardless of weather conditions, thanks to its breathability and waterproof qualities.

    The results obtained stem from years of study and research, which have enabled the company to expand its range of products, all made with the same care and passion - the result of know-how and a company culture that places quality first.

    Discover the allure of Sitip S.p.A., an assortment of sportswear fabrics of excellent quality.

fabrics for activewear: sport fabrics
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