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    Water repellent fabrics

    Acqua Zero Eco

    The water-repellent fabric for swimwear, perfect for sports activities and relaxing in water, is labelled Acqua Zero Eco, one of Sitip’s premium brands, synonymous with reliability and quality in the industry.
    The special feature of the fabric Acqua Zero Eco is the water-repellent technology, which makes it the perfect product for sports or beachwear outfits, ensuring high performance, high comfort, and breathability.

    The uniqueness of a breathable swimwear fabric is to be imperceptible, giving whoever wears it a feeling of extreme comfort and freedom, qualities that make it ideal for water activities. This is particularly used for fabric for swimwear apparel, since it allows those who practice water sports to move in total freedom and without constraint, thanks to the elasticity of the fabric, resulting in increased performance.

    This water-repellent fabric is suitable for those who play sports (at any level) or for those who want to spend time relaxing in the water without any skin irritations caused by the swimwear. The Acqua Zero Eco is the best choice for all manufacturers who wish to offer top quality garments to their customers.

    In addition, the distinctive feature of the brand’s Acqua Zero Eco is the full respect of environmental standards: the production and materials used are in line with the environment, making this product an eco-friendly fabric.

    The new frontier of Sitip water-repellent fabric for swimwear combines performance and environmental protection in a single solution.


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