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  • Technical fabrics for abrasive disks

    Fabrics for abrasive disks

    SITIP is.. incomparable grip

    In the sector for supports for abrasives, Sitip has long been a market leader, thanks to its range of fabrics for abrasive disks that cover both slip-resistant Velcro fixing ones, as well as supports for materials on flat resin bases. Sitip's range is extremely wide and of such high quality, it is able to respond to any customer request.

    The company's quality system has UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, and guarantees the product's quality at every phase of production.

    Fabrics for abrasive supports

    Sitip is specialised in the developing fabrics for abrasive supports; this is possible thanks to the expertise of our technical staff, whose aim is to find the best materials for our products. In handheld use, abrasive paper is fixed to a support of different stiffnesses which sometimes may also be shaped; the use of the right material allows a correct hold and grip.
    In the branch of fabrics for abrasives disks, our company's top fabric is its "velvet", that is, nylon gauze: the gauzing consists of running the fabric over metal brush tips, which raises the nylon fibres making them soft and fluffy.

production of technical fabrics for abrasive disks
  • Fabrics for abrasive disks