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    Sitip: the History


    Unit of: Via Vall’Alta - Cene - Bergamo

    Unit of: Via Caduti - Cene - Bergamo

    Nylon Knitting - Malta
    Transformation of the group’s multi-company structure into a MULTI-DIVISIONAL one with operational
    headquarters in Cene (Bergamo)
    Vertical integration implemented by establishing of Tania, OE spinning and weaving facilities and the introducion
    of a rotary printing facility at the Sitip Cotton plant.
    Full acquisition of the Mizar and start up of new dyeing house for knitted fabrics. Set up of Sitip Cotton for cotton sectors and related dyeing and finishing plants. Vertical integration into the man made fibre sectors with the start up of Sitip Siat and acquisition of Nylon Knitting.
    Start up of the flame lamination facility.
    Acquisition of Mizar and setting up of the Sitip dyeing facilities.
    Establishment of Società Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili Pezzoli-Sitip.