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  • Warp Knitting Division: stretch warp-knitted fabric

    the production of warp knitting fabrics: synthetic and elastic.


  • Sitip S.p.A. specialises in the production of warp-knitted fabric for technical sportswear, lingerie, beachwear, swimwear, and various other application areas such as the motorcycle industry, footwear, and leather goods. Warp-knitting is a type of extremely resistant fabric construction that prevents the yarn from fraying after a tear, avoiding the unravelling of your piece. Sitip S.p.A. stands as a leading manufacturer of warp-knitted fabric, which are particularly popular not only in Italy but also worldwide.

    The company produces fabric suitable for the high quality garments: highest-grade certified fabric allows for the creation of a perfect end product in every aspect, completely unravellable. In sports and daily activities, garments are always subject to the risk of over stretching; it becomes essential to choose the right fabric, which should be long-lasting, but also powerful, comfortable and versatile.

    For the production of warp-knitted fabric, Sitip S.p.A. has technologically advanced machinery. The production technologies ensure the best possible quality, which is reflected in the final product: leading products that are able to go beyond expectations.

    The quality of fabric made by Sitip S.p.A. is the result of constant research and study of fabric processing techniques. The fabric allows the realization of a wide range of products ranging from sportswear, lingerie, and swimwear, and also in different areas such as motorcycling and luggage.

    Choose our warp-knitted stretch fabric, entrusted to the quality of Sitip.

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