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Sport sweatshirt Sitip: for a thermal comfort beyond compare!

Have at least one sport sweatshirt is pretty much a must. This icon of street style is comfortable, soft, warm and also versatile, perfect to be worn either during workouts at the gym or for a casual drink with friends, resulting always appropriate and trendy.

Thanks to years of study, research and experience, Sitip’s experts team created a sport sweatshirt designed to ensure maximum comfort, durability and breathability for all occasions, thanks to the performance properties of Blizzard fabric, that characterizes it.

The technical fabric Blizzard created by Sitip with the most important and high-performance technical fibers on the market, is characterized by: best breathability, thermal comfort, high pilling resistance (a physical process that occurs on the surface of the fabric, that leading to the formation of irregular fiber agglomerates), easy care and long life stretch. The micropores ensure maximum breathability of the fabric and favoring the moisture evaporation. The high quality of the tissue, with which the fabric is made, means that the fabric's technical characteristics remain constant even after prolonged wear and numerous washes.

Besides lightness, comfort, and an unparalleled thermoregulation, are other important qualities that enhance and distinguish our garments: the aim of our brand is to combine the fabric functionality at an enviable aesthetic, creating a modern and attractive sport sweatshirt .

For years, Sitip produces highly-technical fabrics for the sport, providing the most important in European clothing brands. Do not miss the opportunity to experience first-hand the characteristics of our fabric Blizzard ... register to our e-commerce and choose the perfect sport sweatshirt for you!

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