SITIP Quality and Environmental Management Policy

Our Company’s Quality and Environmental
Management Policy

Sitip’s Management ensures the implementa on of Quality and Environmental Management – key principle of its strategy – through the following measures:

  • anticipating and meeting internal and external stakeholders’ expectations all over the world, thanks to the high competence and professionalism of its collaborators;
  • promoting our quality‐and‐ethics‐oriented corporate culture to the internal and external community, thanks to its constant and targeted communication and to the formation and motivation of its collaborators;
  • relying on constant dialogue, timely answers and cooperation with our customers and suppliers, considered as strategic partners with a view to developing together and to meeting market and consumers’ expectations;
  • achieving continuous evolution and innovation of products, service, process and systems in order to ensure excellence and to guarantee customer satisfaction by taking the following measures: respecting the contractual requirements agreed on, meeting specific technical requests, abiding by the laws in force through the prevention and respect of the rules established by our Quality System (ISO 9001);
  • ensuring the environmental sustainability of the production process and respecting the international environmental standards for fabrics (OekoTex Standard 100 and Bluesign);
  • complying with the Environmental and Safety regulations by promoting health and safety in the workplace and by ensuring environmental sustainability along the whole product life cycle; thanks to the adoption of a precautionary approach to environmental issues through the
    following measures:
    • raw materials use, focusing on the use of recycled raw materials and on waste reduction;
    • optimizazion of waste production management, by separating, recovering and recycling waste rather than resorting to disposal, when possible;
    • the constant control of industrial waste through the adoption of all the necessary measures to limit the risk of contamination of the soil and air;
    • the constant evaluation of the energy consumption, by investing in electricity self-production systems;
  • developing human resources’ skills and professionalism as well as the sense of belonging to the
    company at all levels of the organization, by promoting relations between different departments
    in compliance with Sitip’s code of conduct and with the 10 principles of the UN GLOBAL COMPACT, promoting environmental responsibility at every level;
  • identifying, communicating and reaching concrete, shared and measurable objectives to use as
    guidelines to manage each department.

The Management Board constantly monitors Customer Satisfaction and Claims Management, as well as all the activities and resources needed to implement this Quality and Environmental Management Policy.
It also undertakes to guarantee that the objectives are always coherent with the needs and the
expectations of all interested parties and it commits to periodically review the Quality and
Environmental Management System in order to constantly improve its effectiveness and efficacy.

Quality Management System Officer


M. Cortinovis

July th15, 2019
Chief Executive Officer


G. Pezzoli