division Nylon Knitting



Manwel Dimech Street
Qormi, QRM9063, Malta

Telephone:  +356 25491000 /+356 25491173
Fax:  +356 21498651

Daniele Cortinovis
E-Mail: info@nylonknitting.com.mt


Nylon Knitting is a company with 30 years of experience in the production of Nylon 6 yarn and fabric, which has a sufficiently wide range of products to cover the huge demand for nylon. 

The company, owned by the Sitip S.p.A. Group, has headquarters in Malta. The continuous investment in this division sets up a prosperous business future: the analysis of market data shows very high levels of production that is evolving, thanks to the growing demand for textiles.

Characteristics of Nylon

Nylon is one of the most widely used fibres in everyday life; it is especially ideal for the production of sportswear

Nylon, a synthetic rather than natural fibre, has certain characteristics such as: 
• Great wear resistance, which allows for the realization of a product that resists the effects of time and is resistant to scratches and falls. Furthermore, the strong resistance of the fabric makes sure that the clothes will withstand strains from washing, a fundamental characteristic for sports garments.
• Easy to dry, a characteristic that makes nylon particularly suitable for the manufacturing of water-repellent fabric, perfect for the creation of sportswear.
• Possibility to create “light” products; high performance and a comfortable fit for all types of sporting activities.